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If getting there is half the fun, the Outer Coast is your ride

 OC at glacier.jpg

An industry-leading, 34-foot Armstrong catamaran hull and twin, 300-horse, four-stroke motors offer the stability to handle waters that would leave other boats at the dock. With a cruising speed of 30 knots, the Outer Coast gets you to the best fishing grounds, not just the convenient ones.


Boarding doors starboard, port and aft allow easy access for those with mobility challenges. The cabin has generous headroom, three walk-through doors that eliminate congestion and plenty of elbow room for six passengers to ride comfortably. Two heaters keep the cabin warm and dry. If nature calls, there’s an onboard head for convenience with an outside-entry door for privacy.


But you’re here to fish? We’ve got you covered there, too. Speed and stability minimize travel time, allowing more of the day to be spent fishing. We don’t fish for sardines and you won’t feel like one with a walk-around cabin, making every inch of deck rail available for fishing. The Armstrong catamaran hull mitigates chop both under power and on the hook. Nobody likes bobbing and rolling when you’re reeling in a monster halibut, and if you’re prone to seasickness, the stability of this cat helps keep lunch where it belongs.


An extendible bow ladder makes going ashore quick and easy, whether it’s for a day of beachcombing or to load your six-point buck. The Outer Coast exceeds safety requirements with a self-inflating life raft mounted on the cabin, as well as a GPS satellite communicator onboard.


Book today to enjoy the speed, stability, safety and comfort the Outer Coast has to offer.

Welcome aboard!

Capt. Chris Hanna

Chris’ first order of business after learning to walk was learning to fish. As soon as he got out of school, he was talking his way into a saltwater guiding job in Alaska — even though he was from land-locked Iowa. Thirty-five years later, he’s spent as much of that time as possible exploring the waters and backcountry of Alaska. The only thing he enjoys more than finding a new halibut hole is sharing that knowledge. Chris owns and operates Outer Coast Adventures and Arctic Fox Adventures, meaning he takes pride in every detail of the experience. He’ll go to the outer limits to make sure you have a good experience.

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